The Truth About Tinnitus Habituation

Mededelingen over Tinnitus die niet bij bovenstaande onderwerpen passen.

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The Truth About Tinnitus Habituation

Bericht door Johnpon » di 20.08.2019 13:19

The Truth About Tinnitus Habituation: Deficient Sensory Gating Could Explain Why Many Tinnitus Victims Do Not Habituate.

The real reasons some people do not habituate are almost certainly physiological (i.e. they can be traced back to a physical process, outside of your control and/or independent of your thoughts). What, exactly? We do not know yet. But… it appears that the science is starting to support the obvious: that people who do not habituate are NOT just stubborn or self-sabotaging or defective.

So, if YOU can’t habituate, don’t worry. The science is finally starting to confirm what you already knew. It is NOT your fault and it is NOT “all in your head” or imaginary.

Instead, there is probably a physiological cause. At least, that seems to be the big picture that is emerging from the newest studies. And the most recent of these studies, exploring the cause of habituation-proof tinnitus and/or patients, is from July 12, 2019. The title of the study is Toward An Exploration of Habituating to Tinnitus: Perspectives on Sensory Gating and it is from the the American Academy of Audiology. ... habituate/

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